Protecting Lives, Protecting Homes

Since 2011 residential fire sprinkler systems have been a requirement in the California Building Standards Code. Once only seen in high rises and mansions, fire sprinklers are now as integral to homes as indoor plumbing and electrical wiring, but require greater consideration. Sprinkler systems need to be planned for from the beginning of a project, have specifications that vary by city and county, and require Fire Marshal inspection. Let the professionals at Blue Mountain manage the process for you.

Partnering With the Best

Blue Mountain partners with BlazeMaster® fire sprinkler systems that meet and exceed global performance and manufacturing standards for CPVC fire sprinkler systems — making it the most specified non-metallic option in the world. BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are:

  • Specially engineered for fire sprinkler applications
  • Listed for use in light hazard applications as defined by NFPA 13/13R/13D
  • Immune to the effects of pitting and corrosion
  • Flame-resistant with excellent flame and smoke characteristics
  • Affordable with lower installation and material costs than metallic systems

Fire Sprinkler FAQs

Q: What sets off fire sprinklers?
A: Only heat, not smoke or other household fumes. Sprinkler heads are set off by extreme heat, typically between 135° and 165° F.

Q: If a fire is in one room will the whole house be flooded?
A: Only the sprinkler heads near the fire that are triggered will go off. This helps prevent the spread of a fire from one room to another and minimizes water damage. In 84% of incidents* only one sprinkler operates.

Q: Do they have to be so visible?
A: No, newer sprinkler heads can be flush mounted in the ceiling and concealed with decorative coverings to minimize their visual impact.

Q: Does the water sitting in the pipes rust them?
A: Again, no. Newer systems use CPVC piping that doesn’t oxidize and can be designed to have water occasional circulate through them to prevent freezing or water stagnation.

* National Fire Protection Association

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