When you own a business, you must take care to provide a comfortable environment for your employees, clients and customers. Comfort can be provided in a number of ways but the most important is with an HVAC system. Commercial HVAC services are the option used to provide heating and cooling for large businesses and corporations. Commercial HVAC services do differ from residential HVAC services in a number of ways.

For business owners, it is essential to provide commercial HVAC services for your business. Your systems need a certain type of care and must be installed, repaired and maintained by a professional for optimal operation. Below are a few ways you can see how commercial and residential services differ.

Application Areas for Commercial HVAC

The main ways the two categories differ are with the area of application. With residential services, the service will take place in a home, community, apartment, etc. With commercial services, you will have HVAC technicians servicing office buildings, schools, restaurants, attractions, etc. Commercial HVAC services will take place at any business that is not considered a residence and the opposite can be said for residential services.

Servicing of Equipment

Commercial services also vary from residential options in regards to the installation, repair and maintenance of the equipment. Commercial buildings require sheet metal fabrication techniques to match the old ductwork to new installations. This fabrication makes the installation much easier for technicians to maintain the unit.

Commercial buildings are also much larger and require certain humidity levels as well as temperature readings. Special ventilation technology must be used to ensure the environment has clean, breathable air. HVAC technicians will use their knowledge to provide optimal humidity to the buildings of the business and ensure comfort for everyone inside.

Commercial HVAC Servicing Needs

Specific businesses vastly require commercial services due to the type of business. From electronic manufacturers to pharmaceutical companies, the temperature and humidity are very important. Many companies, such as malls, require the HVAC system to be on the rooftop. This will offer a fresh air intake and help to have a comfortable breathing space with good air quality. Technicians will have to climb on the roof to have access to the unit to make any repairs or provide maintenance service.

Additional Units

When you have a large business or company building, you will require more units for a comfortable space. Residential properties require only one unit to keep the home cool and comfortable. A business can require two or more units to be able to handle the cooling load needed for the business. A technician with the proper training will be able to provide a cooling calculation to have the right unit installed in your business. The technician will know how much units or how large of a system will work best in your space. The proper calculations and inspection will help to provide the information needed for a quality unit.


Pricing can also vary when you are comparing commercial systems to a residential unit. A commercial system will have a higher cost due to the size and installation requirements. A residential unit can be a lower cost as the unit will be smaller and less space is needed to be cooled. When you combine duct work costs with the unit installation, the cost can add up quickly.

Your business deserves the very best. Contact Blue Mountain Air to help you with your commercial air conditioning needs. You will have a comfortable space in which to work and be successful as you begin to grow your business.

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