Can you recognise your furnace noise? Every home has its noises that home owners can recognize. It could be a creak in the stairs or the slight noise made when the old refrigerator cuts on. When you live in a home, you learn these noises rather quickly. A furnace system found in the home has been known to make a little noise every now and then but what if you hear a noise that you have never heard before? Could your unit be in trouble? At Blue Mountain Air, we see time and time again, older furnace units causing trouble in the home when they begin to make odd and unusual noises.

It is important for home owners to recognize that a new furnace noise is not a good thing. If you are hearing a loud noise that keeps you from sleeping or enjoying your day, then you have a problem. Never hesitate to contact our technicians, who can quickly access your unit and get you back on track to quality heating. Below are a few sounds you may hear and how they can affect your furnace system.

Loud Scraping Metallic Furnace Noise

If the furnace noise you hear is a loud scraping sound, almost like metal is rubbing against metal, then you most likely have an issue with the furnace blower wheel. The unit should be turned off immediately and a call into our office for assistance. The noise could signify three issues with the blower wheel, from something easy to a serious fix.

The blower wheel may have come loose from the motor shaft and is hitting the blower casing, which is causing the sound. This is an easy fix. The blower wheel may be broken and needs to be replaced, which is something we can easily handle. If the motor mount is broke, the whole blower assembly can drop and hit the housing, a more serious fix.

Loud Banging or Popping Furnace Noise

When the furnace noise you hear is a loud banging or popping sound, the unit can have two issues. First, the furnace burners are most likely dirty. The dirt on the burners will delay the burners from igniting which can cause an excess of gas to build up on the unit. When the gas does ignite, the bang sound is heard. This noise should never be ignored as it is a small explosion that can eventually crack the heat exchanger.

The issue may also be the air ducts expanding and contracting. When you have metal duct work in the home, the ducts can expand and contract as the furnace blower turns off and on. This can mean a variety of issues from a clogged air filter to flimsy duct work, closed venting or undersized duct work.

High Pitched Squealing Furnace Noise

No one likes to hear a high pitched squealing noise coming from the furnace. When the furnace noise you hear is this, it can mean three issues may be at hand. The unit may have a frayed, slipping or loose blower belt which can be adjusted or replaced by our technicians. The shaft bearings may need oil, which can also be done by our technicians. You may also have a blower motor that is malfunctioning which would need to be replaced or fixed.

Any of these noises mean that your unit needs to be inspected quickly. If you have a furnace that is making noise, contact our office today. We will assist you with a full inspection of your unit and offer only the best heating service or heating repairs that Blue Mountain Air is known for. Never worry about your unit as we can provide furnace service for any make or model. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.