At Blue Mountain Air, we have found that there are common indicators that will determine if your furnace unit is in need of repair. When you have a furnace issue, the system will show you in different ways what the issue is. But, if you are not an HVAC technician, you may have no idea what is going on. Our technicians at Blue Mountain Air specialize in heating service, including heating repair, to ensure that your system is back to proper running order in no time. Check out the indicators below to see if you might have experienced the furnace repair issues.

Unit Running Non-Stop

When you find that your unit is running non-stop, you have an issue. A typical furnace unit will turn on during varying times during the day based on the heat setting of your thermostat. Once the unit provides enough heating to meet the temperature setting, the system will turn off. If you find that your unit is running all day long, with no breaks, you may have a faulty thermostat or something with the internal system.

Our technicians at Blue Mountain Air can visit your home and inspect the system to see what may be causing the furnace to operate on a constant basis. Once we have determined the problem, we will get started with the repair to transform your furnace back to its old self.

Loud Noises As Your Unit Turns On

We all know that a furnace will make noise as it turns on. If you begin to hear an unusual noise as your system turns on, you will find the system may have an issue. Loud banging, grinding and even screeching are common noises that will indicate your unit is in need of immediate furnace repair. A screeching sound can mean that your blower motor needs work while other noises can mean other issues. Have our technicians come out and provide you with assistance when you begin to hear sounds that are not common coming from your heating unit.

Increase in Heating Bill

It is not uncommon to see your heating bill increase due to colder temperatures during the winter months. However, if you begin to see your bill continuously increasing, you probably have an issue. The heating system has lost its energy efficiency and is having to work harder to provide quality comfort. If your unit is turning off and on as you try to warm the home, you need to contact our office for options for furnace repair. We can evaluate your unit and if we find the system needs too much work, we may recommend a replacement option.

If you are spending too much time and money on repair service, a replacement unit will save you money in the long run. You will have the initial expense but will spend less on monthly usage as well as literally no repair cost for many years to come. We can assist you with any replacement installation information or scheduling by simply contacting our office at Blue Mountain Air.

No Heat in the Home

When your furnace system is not producing heat, you have a problem. If you turn on your unit for the first time this winter and discover that heat is not being produced, contact our technicians. We will help diagnose the problem and have your unit producing heat in no time.

Contact our home office today to learn more about common furnace heating issues and how we can assist you and your problems. Our technicians are happy to serve you and provide services for all your home heating needs.