When winter arrives, every home owner readies their heating system to provide a comfortable environment for family and friends. We all know to expect cold temperatures so we want to be prepared. However, what most home owners do not know is that despite getting the heating unit attended to with HVAC service and covering any repairs, indoor air quality goes unnoticed. At Blue Mountain Air, we regularly see homes that have poor indoor air quality during the winter months, resulting in health and wellness issues.

During the winter months, individuals spend a great deal of time indoors. Most people believe that air pollution is outside and do not consider how the indoor air can be polluted. Yet it is. Now that homes are being insulated and sealed better, they are subject to poor air quality as contaminants enter the home.

What’s Wrong with Staying Indoors?

Even if you have a super clean home, the air can still be subject to airborne particles. These irritants will enter the airway and respiratory system and create health issues. Allergies can become worse, respiratory issues like asthma have flare-ups and sinus problems begin to reoccur. Indoor air pollution has no odor or color, so without proper testing, you would have no idea if your home is suffering from poor indoor air quality.

What’s in the Air of My Home?

Since you cannot see anything in the air of your home, you may be wondering what actually is in the air. Pet dander, dust mites, smoke, mold spores, volatile organic compounds and bacteria are just a few of the particles and contaminants that can be in the air of your home. When you combine all of these issues, you can suffer from serious health problems during the winter months.

How Am I Affected?

We have already mentioned the issues that can arise from contaminants in the air. You may find that when you suffer from asthma, you have flare-ups, needing to use an inhaler more and more. With sinus issues, you may have a runny nose or irritated eyes that itch and water frequently. Respiratory issues can be increased, making your chest tight and you have trouble breathing. The problems that you may feel are sicknesses, may actually be an issue in the home that can be fixed.

How to Maximise Indoor Air Quality

Our goal at Blue Mountain Air is to help you learn how to minimize indoor air pollution. First, you will need to have your air tested. We can help with this process. We will be able to determine exactly what is in the air and what will work to create a clean and breathable environment. Air purification is the best method of cleaning the air in the home. A HEPA air purifier is a wonderful way to clean the air in the home. HEPA technology can be used to remove as much as 99.97% of the airborne particles in the air of your home. This will improve the overall air quality, allowing you to breathe clean and fresh air.

We want to help you have clean air in the home. You may have no idea just how you are being affected by the air quality in the home until you have the space tested. Let our technicians evaluate your home and determine just how clean the air is. If we find an issue, we can suggest solutions for you to have a clean home with quality air. You will notice a difference in you and your family’s health, leading to happier times in the home. Contact us today to learn more about indoor air quality and how it affects the home and body.