Boilers are no longer the inefficient gas-hounds that they once were. Improved technologies and new methods of capturing every possible degree of heat generated have pushed their efficiency well above 90%. There are several styles to choose from and your usage patterns and needs will determine which model is right for you.

Boiler Types and Models

The newest technology in boilers that has had the largest influence on increasing efficiency is the condensing boiler. Once treated merely as a waste product, these boilers use the steam created by the burning of natural gas to help heat the water incoming to the boiler. That increase in the input water temperature reduces the amount of natural gas needed to heat it to a specific temperature. Condensing and non-condensing types can be had on all the different types of boilers.

The first type of boiler, and the one most people are familiar with, is the standard or traditional boiler. In these systems, hot water is produced for both heating and home use needs but necessitates the need for hot and cold water storage tanks. These systems will also have to be programed on when to generate that how water. (Such as in the morning and evening.)

System boilers are very much like the traditional boiler however their water storage tanks are located inside the unit itself. This eliminates the need to place storage tanks in the attic, loft, or basement. They are usually less expensive to install due to their simpler installation.

The type of boiler quickly on its way to being the most popular model is the combi, or combination, boiler. In this type of boiler, water is heated on an as-needed basis and provided to the home, much like how an inline water heater operates. The water is only heated as it is flowing through the unit. It will need access to the main water supply of the home and it can struggle to meet heavy water usage within the home. But if you won’t be running two showers and the dishwasher at the same time it can provide your home with all the central heating and hot water it needs.

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