As an expert in furnace heating systems, Blue Mountain Air can provide you with information, maintenance and repair service for all makes and models of furnace units. Our team is highly qualified to prepare your unit for winter or provide any furnace service need. As a new home owner, you may be wondering just when your unit needs to be serviced. We can provide you with information on the subject as well as offer the many heating service options you need for a comfortable home.

We recommend having your unit professionally serviced before the winter weather arrives. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing that the unit will operate effectively when the temperatures begin to drop. You will not have to worry about your unit not operating when you need to turn it on once the winter season is upon you.

An annual furnace inspection and service will help to prolong the lifespan of your system. You will not only keep your unit operating for a longer period of time but you will also save energy with a regular service call. Manufacturers who build furnace systems agree that the unit needs to be serviced once a year for heating.

Understanding the Benefits of Furnace Inspection

Our technicians at Blue Mountain Air can help you better understand the reasoning behind a regular furnace inspection by showing you the benefits. Experts believe that over 50% of the no-heat calls received during the winter months are a result of no maintenance service performed on a unit. When your furnace is left unchecked, it can easily stop working. You will be in need of furnace repair service when this happens, which can cost you money.

When furnace inspection is not done on a regular basis, you can have an issue with carbon monoxide leakage. When the unit is checked, any carbon monoxide issues are detected. If your unit is not checked, you could have carbon monoxide in the home that is causing headaches, dizziness and even death. As many as 500 individuals will die each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning and 15,000 individuals will be seen in emergency rooms due to exposure to the gas.

As a provider of furnace maintenance service, we do not want to see you or your family members come to harm. We check carbon monoxide levels and alarms so if a problem occurs, you will be notified. We help to keep your family safe so you never have to worry about poisoning via carbon monoxide.

Better Unit, Warmer Home

One of the main benefits of furnace inspection and having your unit serviced regularly is that it will function better. The system will continue to operate as it should with little to no issues. Because every component is working correctly, you do not have to worry about overworking the system or a breakdown. The unit will remain energy efficient, warming the home quickly, then resting. Your home will remain a comfortable dwelling, with your furnace system lasting for many years.

Furnace Inspection Cost

An inspection of your furnace system is not expensive and will give you peace of mind knowing that your unit is in proper working order. An inspection usually runs from $60 to $100 depending on the service you need. A tune up will save you hundreds and even thousands each year as the system will not require any repair or additional servicing.

Our technicians catch any issue during the maintenance inspection. From there, any issue is taken care of to ensure your system is operating at maximum levels. You can remain comfortable and enjoy the warmth of your home thanks to a properly serviced furnace system.