Sometimes in the winter you turn on your furnace and you’re ready to face the cold weather, or so you think. After your furnace kicks on you may start to notice a strange and unpleasant smell. When you do it can be unnerving until you figure out just what the smell is and where it’s coming from.

Our team at Blue Mountain Air is offering a few tips and tricks to find out what the furnace smells are and to know when to call our technicians in to assist you. Read on to understand some of the most common furnace smells, their causes, and what you should know about them.

Electrical or Burning Smell

These furnace smells can be caused by a few different things. While some of them are benign, others can be quite dangerous to have going on. If you smell a burning plastic odor it could be that something has gotten into the register or vents and is causing this smell when it is overheating. Something such as your child’s toy could have fallen down a vent and is now giving this smell off. It could also signal something worse going on such as electrical parts melting or burning as they are working. This is definitely something that should be checked out if you cannot locate the source and it continues to happen.

Gas Smell

If you really believe you are smelling gas coming from your gas appliance, open up the windows and get out of the house. Call in our team of professionals or the gas company to inspect the home and the furnace to make sure it is safe to reenter the home.

At other times it could just smell similar to gas and is just residue left from the last season’s heating. You want to make sure that if you ever do smell gas you do not leave it unattended or waste time. Find the source and get out if it’s truly a gas smell in your home. Don’t take chances with furnace smells that smell like gas.

Musty Odor

Sometimes your furnace could have a musty odor when you turn it on. These furnace smells could be due to mildew or mold getting in the vent systems and you should have them cleaned out. It could also be in the filter and mean that you need to change the filters out regularly as well. You should also check your humidifier filter if you have one. This can cause mildew growth as well and will put that musty odor out in your home as it blows your warm air through.

Oil or Smoke Odors

If you have an oil furnace then you may from time to time notice an oil or smoke smell coming from the system. You may very well have a clogged oil filter and that is causing the smell to come through your home. You can simply replace this filter and the smell should go away, as long as everything is working properly. A smoke smell could indicate a stopped up chimney and will go away with a good cleaning.

While some furnace smells are just bothersome, others could indicate a serious problem with your furnace. Be sure you take the time to call our Blue Mountain Air office to find out more on the smells coming from your furnace and ensure your safety and comfort this winter season. Don’t take chances with the health and safety of your family. If you’re having unusual furnace smells coming through, better be safe than sorry. Call our highly trained and certified technicians today to see how they can help you get fresh clean air coming through your furnace.

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